News and Sat. 18th June 2011 details

By | 16/06/2011


  • Saturday 18th May – We are staging round 4 of our Summer Road Circuit Series at Hog Hill this morning. First race is at 10 a.m. Entry to races on the day. Details of races are HERE. . We need following volunteers
    • Marshalls 2 for bottom track for each race. 1 for top track for last lap of U10/U12 and for U14/U16 whole race.
    • Number callers for U14/U16 race – need good eyesight and loud voice!!
    • Lap scorers.
  • Off-road riders Saturday 18th June, 10am – 12 noon at Hog Hill. On the offsite ride from Hog Hill we will be concentrating on those older riders with good riding ability
    • As usual, please ensure that you come prepared with your bike in good condition.
    • Keep in mind our changeable weather and come with appropriate clothing . Remember a number of thinner layers is better than one thick layer.
    • If you have a backpack then please consider using it as you can carry clothes drinks and snacks and bike spares (inner tube and pump and tyre levers).
    • Please make sure that you are on time and ready to leave at 10am.
  • There will be riding at Hog Hill for all other off-roaders who are not part of the offsite group.
  • Redbridge Cycling Centre User group meeting 4th July 2011. Details HERE.
  • More for off-roaders. Beastway at Hog Hill on Wednesdays. Off-roaders – why not come along and join in the fun and give the riders plenty of support. More information on the races at
  • News of Go-Ride Grass track races coming up from Mark Wyer of British Cycling. Click HERE for details.
  • Advance notice. Saturday 16th July. Shaftesbury CC are holding races all day at Hog Hill,
    • youth crits from 10.15 to 1.30pm. Youth race – Details HERE.
    • Note: there is a 60+ race at 8.45am on the lower circuit and a 50+ race at 10am on lower circuit! FULL details HERE.
    • This means that there will be NO NORMAL CLUB that morning, though road riders can take part in the races.
    • We hope to publish details later of off-road riding, probably off-site.