Club Points of Contact

First Point of Contact’ for our members.

These will be coaches who will only deal with queries from youths ( or their parents!) in certain age categories.

Youth members can contact their coaches for anything to do with their cycling needs.

If the designated coach cannot deal with a particular question directly then the enquirer will be directed to

someone who can or will find out the answers for them.

Should you have any concerns about your child’s attendance at the club then please contact our Welfare Officer:

The agreed contacts are:

Under 8s and Under 10s:

Louise Reynolds: tel: 07870161968

Under 14s 

Colin Parish: email address tel: 07909 978858

Under 16s  

Bob Griffiths: tel: 01708550738 / 07808975521

Drew Jones: email: 07930 327853


Bob Griffiths: tel: 01708550738 / 07808975521


Peter Bennett – Club welfare officer