LVYCC coaches

Our coaches have British Cycling Coaching qualifications. The entry level is level 1. We have a range of experience and expertise amongst our coach volunteers. level 1, club coach, level 2 and discipline specific qualifications such as Track, BMX, MTB, Cyclocross, Road and Time Trial. Our coaches are DBS checked for working with children.
Andy White L2 Road, Time Trial, Track, BMX, MTB, Working on L3 Road & time trial
Gary Smith L2
Paul Soor L2
Paul Bird L2 & Track
Kate Ambrose L2 & Track
Daren Knight L2 & Road, Time trial, Track,L3 Road & time trial
Leigh Haigh L2
Sean Kerrigan L2
Bruce Mackie L2 & Cyclocross
Louise Reynolds L2
Tony Madgwick L2 & Cyclocross
Josh Green L2
Andrew Griffiths L2
Steven Griffiths L2
Gino Howe club coach
Charles Dale working on L2
Hugh Vivian working on L2
Ken Whiffin L2 & Sky ride leader
Nick Gorman working on L2 & Sky ride leader
Christine Lacey working on L2
Drew Jones working on club coach
Colin Parish Working on level 2
Sam Muna Working on level 2
Paul Saunders working on level 2
Trevor Dingle working on level2
Noah Smith Working on level 2
Tamala Mc Gee L1
Francesca Morgans Slader L1
Harry Chavner L1
Sam Jones L1
James Madgwick L1
James Ambrose-Parish L1
Callum Mackie working on L1
Mabel Mundy working on L1
Mostyn Taylor Crockett working on L1