Watt Bike Sessions

By | 05/11/2013


The Watt bikes have been used over the last couple of Saturdays to great effect this week all six sessions are booked out, if we have the demand we investigate opening a third session.

Please do come and have chat with the team and they can talk you though the different aspects of the bikes.

The bikes are available to adult members (if you are not a member please contact us on the address below as we can accommodate non members for an extra charge) this is your chance to test your output or just exercise on the clubs brand new Wattbikes. These bikes were developed in association with British Cycling and are used by World and Olympic Champions. The Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.

The sessions will be for 50 minutes and will be charged at £5.00 per session for members all funds going back to the club.

Saturday sessions starting at 10.10am and 11.10 am.

watt bike

We will assist in the set-up of the bike and software and record your statistics for you. We will not share your results unless you want to see yourself against other members on our league table.

If you have the following kit please bring:

A heart rate strap, either :

  • Garmin HRM
  • Uncoded HRM
  • Suunto HRM
  • Cycling shoes: SPD, Look or Shimamo cleats. We have one bike with toe straps so trainers are also good but first come basis.
  • Cycling or other suitable exercise clothing.
  • A drink, a towel and loads of energy!

 The club does not offer any medical advice. Please consult your doctor first if you feel that this type of exercise may harm you. All session use is done at your own risk.


Please book here, or come and have a chat on Saturday mornings.