Assen Youth Cycle Tour

By | 12/05/2011

Last year 2010 the mackies, jensens, ambrose and parish went to Assen To try it out, We had great fun.

Things to know. It is a 6 day race. Including 2 time trials one short one long, criterions, a race over pave and cobbles and a closed road race

It rains in the Netherlands !!   Flat circuit racing . They go on the B of the bang.  It is fast.

The Benelux countries have a push shove approach to racing- polite rules don’t apply.If you don’t have your leg out in the start line a wheel will appear.  Gear ratios are different to UK we have info on that.  The whole week is quite intense but exciting. The road race is on closed roads and you have the motorcycle outriders and commissaire in the open top car at the front.


If you saw the slide show at the xmas party you saw some of the action. The Dutch organisers are very experienced and welcoming. They love having the Brits.  There is a you tube video done last year by an American to give you a falvour of the younger rider experience. if you look carefully you might catch a glimpse of ben tulett or felix in the races featured


Assen info for entry

Born 2000 = cat 4

Born 1999 = cat5

Born 1998 = cat 6

Born 1997 = cat 7

Born 1996 = cat NWL

Born 1995 =cat nwl

Female riders ride down a category so born 1997 can ride in cat 6  if they are born 1996 and before that they ride in own year group.


I will be booking chalet/static accomodation this week in the big campsite witterzommer for those who have shown interest so we can be together on site. Those who want tent camping or have self sufficient campers or caravans can either go to the sports centre /weilerbarn cheap camping/basic facilities or witterzommer.

We will be sending off entry fees together to reduce costs. If you don’t pay the fees up front this year you may not get a confirmed place due to high numbers. This year there are teams from Australia, USA, etc and loads more Brits than last year. please let me know if you are interested and need more info.


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