Beastway is back

By | 15/05/2018

Riding into the sunset for R1

The Beastway series of mountain bike races returned to Hog Hill at the beginning of May.  Now in it’s 26th season, it has been a busy year for Beastway with the introduction of the winter series in Beckenham.  The Beastway Team (including our very own Bruce Mackie) have been busy clearing and hacking at Hog Hill’s frightening array of puncturing plants since February to prepare for these races so we must thank them for their commitment and for organising these races.

Round 1 – May 2nd.  It poured with rain all day long, however the sun did come out for the start of Beastway and it ended up a lovely evening.  There was a good turnout for the first race despite the rain.  The course for the U12’s and U1o’s looped clockwise around the upper road track going past the pond, over the pump track before returning back to the clubhouse.  It was hard going due to the muddy conditions, especially near the pond.  Congratulations to Ethan Leslie (LVYCC) for winning the U10 race and Charlie Yardy (LVYCC) for winning the U12 race.   Max Bolton (LVYCC) won the Youth race.  For full results for all rounds, see

Round 2 – May 9th.  A much nicer day and a really fantastic turnout in all categories, especially the Youths.  The course for the U12’s and U1o’s was much shorter than last week and ran on the upper level behind the clubhouse going into the brickyard.  This was a tight and tricky course, technical in the brickyard, but with limited opportunities for overtaking.