Day 5 – Mallorca Records Are There to be Broken……..

By | 18/02/2017

If you read yesterday’s report you will be aware that Ian presented on psychology and how training your mind can improve performance by around 20%. One of Ian’s tips last evening was to visualise today’s mountain time trial before going to sleep. From the times set many of the riders must have done just that.


A slightly later set off time today – 10.15am – with a gentle ride through the lanes to the start of the time trial course. A 17km climb up to Lluc just past the monestry. Setting off at one minute intervals the first two off were Joe and Paul – their task to get to the finish line before anyone else so everyone can record a finish time. 35 riders took the challenge including youth riders, coaches and parents.


The winning time was 38 minutes – an amazing ride by Marco (beating his older brothers time from last year – sorry Charlie!). Second was Sam and third was Max Bolton – an absolutely fantastic climb as Max is a first year U16. Here is Marco on the climb……

This is Max and Sam as they arrived at the foot of the climb……


A fair number of riders improved their times from last year by several minutes, Ethan knocked 10 minutes off from last year. Special mention to Owen who beat many of the older riders and to Anna, Carys and Daniel for recording impressive times for their age.


Everyone one met at the monstrous cafe for a well deserved piece of cake – not quite sure the cafe was expecting to be descended on by almost 40 people who needed feeding – still everyone was served and fuelled ready for the afternoon.


Many of the riders headed off to descend down Sa Colobra – those of you that know this descent will realise that the only way out once at the sea is to return up the same route with a very long climb.
All the riders made it back to the top before returning back to the Hotel very very tide.


The evening meeting concluded with the riders voting for their “Rider of the “Week” – a day earlier than usual as Kate, John and Ryan were heading home the next morning. After a close vote with many riders collecting votes, Simon was announced as the winner by one vote.


One day’s riding to go on this fantastic week.