Eastern Region Track Cluster, the story so far…

By | 09/05/2013

The first of the 2013 Eastern Region Track Cluster sessions took place on Sunday 5th May at Welwyn,

A lovely warm sunny day; everything that could be ready was ready.


With the signing on desk in place, I waited, with trepidation,

It had taken some organising to get to this point, coordinating 9 cycling clubs, their nominated riders, coaches, helpers, ensuring correct coach to rider ratio, first aid cover etc, not forgetting to coordinate any eligible riders from LVYCC as their track coordinator.


60 riders descended on Welwyn track that afternoon, 12 from LVYCC.

Many of the riders needed to hire a bike, this proved a mammoth task for those in the bike shed, pedals were wrong, seats too high, too low, bar plugs missing, the list went on.

Once bikes were allocated and bike checks complete Alison Lilley delivered the briefing,

Track centre became a parent free zone and the first session began.


Over the next 2 hours the track coaches grouped the riders and started the job of refining these riders track skills.

There were a few spills, a “little” shouting and lots of bemused looks as riders performed some breathtaking examples of riding, Not however the right kind of breathtaking……..

Everyone really enjoyed the session; it was a success, and the good news, we were doing it all again next week!


I have to say the real stars of that first day were Daren Knight (LVYCC) & Andy O’regan (CC Hackney) now fondly known as “The bike shed boys” they did everything they could to ensure each rider had a bike they were happy with, not an easy task but one that provided a good foundation so future weeks would run smoothly.


The sessions have continued throughout the summer, riders have worked hard & made great progress, these sessions are not about improving fitness or speed; they are about learning track craft & etiquette, alongside that the riders have had fun and made friends.


We have started the final block for this year; riders are concentrating on Derny & Madison training,

Working hard to improve every session and reaping the rewards of their efforts.


Thanks are due to the volunteer coaches and helpers for their huge commitment, giving up Sunday afternoons week after week to help hone the skills of these riders.