Help required…

By | 28/06/2015

Volunteers needed for Beast Way this WednesdayAt the Beastway mountain bike race to be held at Hog Hill this Wednesday night Lee Valley has volunteered to help marshal the race. This involves being positioned around the course to check no one falls of, cheats and if you are so inclined shout words of encouragement and comfort to the riders. If you can help we would be really grateful. You need to be at the circuit at 7.00 pm the race starts at 7. 30 and it should all be over by around 9.00pm. You will be issued with a 2 way radio and marshal’s vest. Possible a free cup of tea to tempt you. If you can make it please let Drew know, email


Don’t forget there is the under 12s race at 6.30, if anyone wants a go and there is a youth race that starts at around 8.00 pm joining the adults race for the last 40 minutes