Hog Hill during the Olympics

By | 01/09/2011

There have been a number of emails and articles about the closure of Hog Hill during the Olympics. We have received the following from Ian Coles the RCC Manager which gives the specifics of the closures and dispels some of the worst concerns of the rumours.

Hi Bob

Unfortunately the details on this link are incorrect so please can you forward this e-mail back out so people are not misinformed.

 The following details about use of RCC by LOCOG were discussed at the Redbridge Cycling Centre user group at which yourself and Tony Madgwick were present:

  • RCC will not be closed exclusively from July through to October. The Centre will be closed daytimes until approximately 16:00 from the 13th of July through to the 10th of September. Casual and race usage will be available from 16:00 at the latest until dusk and we will be remaining open later to accommodate this.
  • There are venue build/move in and move out times for 2 weeks either side of this where some infrastructure such as additional toilets and cabins will be being installed but the centre will be open for use during this period.
  • Customers and race organisers were invited to the last user group meeting via e-mail and through websites such as LCS. A number of these were present when the details of the LOCOG closure plans were discussed and there was general agreement that there should not be significant disruption and we could still run events although there will be limited facilities available (no clubroom etc).
  • Race and event organisers have been contacted regarding their events in 2012 and those who have events scheduled for July and August have re-scheduled to earlier or later dates.
  • Redbridge Cycling Centre is different to other training venues in that we have a contract with LOCOG in that it states we are not closed exclusively and we can open to the public outside of times agreed with LOCOG who I have been in discussions with.

 I would really appreciate if you re-send these details out as I do not want people to have the wrong information. Many thanks.

Best regards,

Ian Coles
Centre Manager
Redbridge Cycling Centre

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