How much does it cost?

By | 31/10/2008

All of the coaches, helpers and club officers are volunteers and do not receive any payment for the work they do. However we do have a number of running costs, including hire of the circuit, maintenance and spares for club bikes and equipment and so on. Therefore we do have to charge for club membership, Saturday morning attendance and bike hire.

As you will see from the charge table below, joining the club will enable you to make long term savings. Talk to members at the sign-on desk for more information on joining LVYCC and British Cycling.

Annual membership fee for LVYCC and LVV (Lee Valley Velo)

  • Individual membership      £12.00
  • Family membership           £36.00 – Note: Where a family membership is taken out children under the age of 16 will join Lee Valley Youth CC and Juniors 16 and over and adults will be joining Lee Valley Velo
  • Part-year membership. Membership starts on 1st of the month following receipt of completed application form and payment. Fees will be reduced accordingly
  • Membership year runs from 1st May until 30th April the following year

Saturday Club Charge

  • Club members   £3.00       non-members     £6.00
  • Adult helpers    £4.00

Bike hire

  • £4.00 per session with an additional £10.00 deposit (£5 if a family has 2 bikes)