Important message for all Lee Valley Youth and Lee Valley Velo members

By | 16/04/2013

Steve Powell, one of our members,  is undertaking a project on membership. He has sent out the following email. If you haven’t yet got round to completing the survey we will be grateful if you would do so. If you haven’t received it then please act on the information below:

Dear Member,

We at Lee Valley Youth CC have grown as some of you may have noticed. We have also got a brand new club for adults and junior riders Lee Valley Velo

Since September 2012 our club at Hog Hill cycle circuit has been full with budding riders on a Saturday mornings. And we thank you for your support both members and friends of the LVYCC and LVV.

With the growth of LVYCC it has presented us with opportunities and challenges. Some of which is evident when we have large numbers of different age groups, skill sets and fitness levels ready to ride on a Saturday morning. We are trying to address this by getting a true picture of our membership.

A number of clubs closed the doors on new members after the Olympics, but LVYCC has welcomed all and still continues to do so with its open door policy.

We realise that with the growing number of members, the committee need to have oversight of the activity within the club. This insight will enable them to make decisions about the future of our club and use any of our funding wisely.

We are therefore going to ask you to complete a short questionnaire, it is important that you fill this in as it is going to give your child/children a membership number for our club.

We then plan to have a web page which you or your child can provide us with any activity and results and any feedback after a club event. This will only collect certain data that we can then match the member number to the child.

We are going to ask for ask for some personal information which will be held offline once the data has been collected. You have supplied us with this information when you 1st joined the club but we are going to give our database an overhaul.

There are a number of reasons for this.

We would like to know what our members are interested in.

Whether it be:

  • Track cycling,
  • Road cycling (Hog Hill),
  • Mountain biking,
  • Cyclo cross
  • Or indeed just casual rider who wants to use the facility in a car free environment.

We aim to improve our communication in terms of feedback from our members. But do remember everyone is a volunteer at LVYCC.

We would like you to fill this online form in yourself or if you child is able to do so. If you have more than one member in your household then please remember to fill it out for everyone as this is going to generate a member number.

A reminder that you membership is due and its £12 per child or £36 for famlly membership

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Click here to take our survey

The committee

If you are no longer a member please click here to unsbscribe from our mailng lisl. You wiil be removed from our list.