Jack Petchey Awards

By | 31/07/2016

Established in 1999, The Jack Petchey Foundation gives grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11-25. The Foundation is eager to help young people take advantage of opportunities and play a full part in society. The major focus of the work is the Achievement Award Scheme. The Foundation focuses on London and Essex. Since it has been established the Foundation has awarded grants totalling approximately £85 million.

LVYCC, who are members of the Achievement Award Scheme, select two members of the club every term to receive the award.
The boy/girl must be 11-25 and the award is for any achievement that is special to them.
It does not have to be cycling related so could be an achievement in another sport or a school achievement…..So votes please.

We also need you to vote for a volunteer helper in the club…someone who has helped the club grow.

When the awards are made, a £250 cheque  is available to be spent on things for the club, to  help that decision we are asking for a wish list that these cheques could be spent on. Anything that the club would benefit from….new equipment, a trip out etc. just not core items like bike repair. All ideas welcome
please email  andy white at f@tfish.co.uk or talk to any committee member

Jack Petchey Award Nomination