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2017 Team

Rider Profiles 2017

Matthew Shepherd

Height – 187.96cm

Weight – 69kg




– Raced in National Championships since U14

– Taken part in Assen since I was a first year U16 with a best result of 23rd/130

– Raced majority of the Junior National Series races this year

Gained 2nd Cat Licence

Previous Best Results:

– 23rd in Junior Youth Tour of Assen

– 1st in Hillingdon circuit race

– 1st in Hog Hill early season circuit race

– 22:30 min National 10 mile TT

Ambitions this year:

– Top 20 in National race

– Top 20 overall in Assen

– Top 20 in stage of Junior Tour of Wales




Sam Allen 


From-Chelmsford, Essex

1st year junior starting my 2nd full season of bike racing


Raced in Assen for the first time in 2016

Raced the road national championships and the Hillingdon round of the

national circuit series.

Race at ten mile national TT and the GHS national TT
Best achievements

22:02 ten mile at the national GHS

59:36 25 Mile spocco TT

8th Essex Roads spocco 25

1st youth national warm up race at Hog Hill

2nd lvycc moonlight race

3rd lee valley youth races

Gain cat 2 license

Top 20 at a national series one day event

Top 20 overall at a national series stage race

Top 10 at a national tt championships

A sub 21 minute 10 mile TT

Top 20 in Assen

Race the junior tour of Wales


IMG_5520Gabriel Fowden

Height: 187cm
Weight: 72kg
Live in Cambridge
TT/breakaway rider
Took part in national level sailing while growing up in Greece. Took up running at the age on 14 and lost 20kg. Ran competitively while I lived in Berlin, Germany winning severely inter school championships. Running sucks.

Due to a running injury I discovered cycling. My first full season of racing was 2016, in which I have enjoyed considerable success.

Ambitions for next season
I want to get a podium at a national series event, improving on my 10th place from this season. I also want to go sub 19.30 for a 10mile TT. In general I just want to continue enjoying cycling and not take it too seriously.

Marco Passfield

Marco Passfield

From: Saffron Walden

Age: 16

Weight: 64kg

Height: 179cm


Started racing when I was 14.

Previous experience racing mainly road and a small amount of track. My strongest and favourite attribute is climbing so I will target the races that involve climbs.

Previous Acheivments

4th at national circuit champonships 2014

18th Belgium 2016

2nd Lee Valley Winter series

2 x 1st and 2nd at lee valley moonlight races

Aims for next year:

Top 15 – Junior tour of mendips

Get cat 2 license

Compete in the Junior tour of wales

Get top 10 in crest road race


Simon Bird

Height: 173cm
Weight: 64.3kg
From: Essex
Started road and track racing at the age of 6 as an Under 8.

Competing at regional level until U12 where I competed in my first national track omnium final getting 5th place.



Competed in the national track championships.

I now compete at national level in the national road series as well as racing in Belgium.

Have raced in the European Youth Tour in Assen.

Previous best achievements:
2nd in a Thanet RC circuit race (2016)

2nd in a CC Hackney Primavera circuit road race (2016)

Multiple wins in the London youth track league (2016)

19th in the Prudential Ride London (2016)

23rd in a road race in Belgium (2016)

Ambitions for this year:
Get my Cat 2 licence

Target all the National road Race series

Get a top 20 placing in Belgium


Thomas Durkin

Started racing as a under 8.Tom

I am mainly a road rider but i do ride the track. My attributes are time trials or flatter races. I have been comepeting in national seris races since i was a first year under 14. I will try and target some of the flatter national seris races and try to get
the position.
Aims for next year:
Top 15 – Junior nationals
Get cat 2 license
Compete in the national champs
Get top 10 in crest road race

Precious achievements:

8th ghs national ten mile time trail

8th international youth tour assen (cat 7)
21st overall international youth tour assen (cat 7)

Ben Selfe


BenI started racing at the age of 13 after joining LVYCC in the summer of 2012. It was the Olympic Games that got me cycling


competitively, so their aim of inspiring a generation worked.
Since then I have taken part in many competitions both on the road and track. Particular achievements include 2 x Top 6 at the London Youth Track League, Top 20s and 30s across Holland and Belgium and podium places at regional events. I also competed in the Youth National Series in 2016 and achieved top 20s.
This year I am really looking forward to working in a close team environment, playing my part in helping both myself and my team mates succeed.