LVYCC AGM 24 April 2010 – report

By | 30/04/2010


On 24th April 2010, LVYCC held its first ever AGM at the Redbridge Cycle Circuit. The AGM was held immediately after the normal Saturday morning session of the club.

There were approximately 32 people (both parents and children) present.

The meeting was chaired by Peter Bennett and after introductions and greetings; a brief history of the club and the success of its members past and present was given by Robert Griffiths the club secretary (and the founder of the club).

Bill Wright from British Cycling attended the meeting to present Andy White, on behalf of the club, with the Go Ride Re-accreditation certificate. As Bill said this award recognises the hard work done by many at the club, but especially Andy White to get the re-accreditation.

There was then a brief presentation of the different cycling disciplines undertaken by the club and or its members. Contact details were provided for people to get further information

Road Racing                           –          Bob Griffiths

Time Trialling / Track Racing –           Steve Green

Mountain Biking/ Off Road     –           Drew Jones

Non Competitive rides e.g.  Audax     Peter Bennett ( )

The club accounts were presented to the members and showed a balance of approximately £14,000 is currently held by the club.

This being the first AGM of the club, no vote was taken on the acceptance of the accounts or the re election of the members. No objections were raised to this course of action. It was indicated by the committee that in future years it was anticipated that these items were to be subject to a vote of the members.

The riders’ representatives and their roles were explained to the members. Arun Soor is to represent the off road riders and Josh Green is to represent the road riders. The aim is that they will provide a voice for members to the club committee.

Finally, the AGM was thrown open to questions from the floor which included questions about how the club will operate after the Olympic Games facilities become available.  The committee reminded those present that this would be a decision for the club members at the appropriate time.