By | 08/11/2012

Well done to everyone who supported Jessica. Over £50 was raised and is being sent to Children in Need.




Jessica Elliott Has come up with the idea that riders ( and parents if they wish!) at this Saturdays club morning should “GO PYJAMAS” for Blue Peters Children in Need appeal.

Blue Peter have teamed up with Children In Need and are asking everyone to GO PYJAMAS.  What Jess would like is for everyone (including adults) to come to club in their pyjamas and make a donation, minimum £1, with all money collected going to Children In Need.   If anyone wants to raise more money from friends and family they can print off the attached sponsorship form and bring it along on the day.  Jess will collect all the money in then send off the donation saying that it was raised by LVYCC.   Children In Need takes place the following Friday, so Jess will call and pledge our donation, hopefully getting a plug in for the club at the same time!

“Blue Peter’s Go Pyjamas Appeal encourages children and adults alike to get sponsored for wearing their pyjamas over their clothes somewhere they wouldn’t normally wear them or while undertaking a fund raising activity.”

LVYCC/LVV is happy to make this Saturday 10th November GO PYJAMAS DAY. If you want to come to club and wear pyjamas for the morning you will be more than welcome.

If you are going to wear your pyjamas there are a couple of things you should remember.

  • Make sure that pyjama legs won’t catch in your chain ring – tape up the bottom of the pyjam legs!
  • Make sure that you have your cycling kit appropriate for the weather underneath your pyjamas!!