LVYCC wins the Tour of Britain team U12 event 2013

By | 03/10/2013


LVYCC wins the Tour of Britain team U12 event for Sundays tour of Britain.
This was LVYCCs most successful yet. We had 30 riders entered into the race ranging in age from 6 to 12. These riders proudly represented the club and managed to finally win us the best team prize. We have come close in previous years getting third 2 years ago. The race was a test of skill, tactics and speed. Our riders showed they could corner well and avoid the melee. They managed to get through the crush to race past the opposition one by one with sheer persistence. Many of riders featured in the final top heats. Louis Bilyard reached the podium in third in the boys race. Milly Knight would also have been on the podium in the girls final had it not been for a restart. She had effectively burnt off the opposition in qualifying and was way out in front in the final. Well done to all our riders who all helped to win this for the team.