LVYCC – Ypres, Belgium

By | 17/03/2014

Sunday 16th March 2014
Ypres, Belgium – 30th addition of Katjeskoers 50km race.

Watch the race… courtesy of Bruce Mackie


Callum Mackie – LVYCC
Mostyn Taylor Crocket – LVYCC
Matt Sheppard – LVYCC
Georg Mew Jensen – LVYCC
Tim Torrie – Chelmer, LVYCC guest
Harry Paine – Glendene, LVYCC guest

The day started early as we gathered riders in Bruce and Louises magic bus and Bobs car. The journey to Ypres took about 3.5 hours in glorious sunshine through the Belgium countryside. Ypres is an ancient city, which has seen the devastating effects of two world wars on its landscape.

As we arrived it was apparent that this bike race was a serious event, with elite and Junior UCI races, along with a 50km Nieuwelingen (U16) boys race, the event our riders were in. 127 riders lined up on the cobbled streets, the starters pistol sent them racing through the streets past the historic Cloth Hall and through the emotive Menin Gate, for 40km through the countryside back into the town for a 10km loop of the historic streets.

The riders put up a great show and did the club proud and although we had a mixed day of results they all absolutely loved the day. Final placing yet to be decided, but estimated placing below:
Georg top 20
Callum top 30
Mostyn top 50
Matt 35km in bunch DNF
Tim 40km in bunch crashed DNF
Harry 2km in bunch crashed DNF

Steve J