Mallorca Farewell

By | 18/02/2017

This is the final day of a fantastically successful training camp for LVYCC riders here in Mallorca. Another glorious day of weather – the sun shone the sea was tourqoise and everyone was looking forward to another good days riding.

Before recalling the rides, we have to start with Sophie, physiology to the Junior team. Having flown out on Wednesday to spend a couple of days with the team, Sophie set off with the group to the lighthouse at Formentor. On the descent, coming back through the 200m tunnel not far into the return, something happened that caused Sophie to crash. Some immediate help from a Trek team (big thanks to them) ensured Sophie was safe out of the tunnel away from passing traffic. Bruce stayed by Sophie’s side, but with the phone signal non existent Ian cycled back up to the tunnel having been told by a passing motorist that there had been an accident, before cycling back down to the bottom to a point where his phone picked up a signal. An ambulance was called and duely arrived after an hour of poor Sophie lying on the ground. Whilst this was taking place, three youth riders, Carys, Daniel and Max Bolton waited patiently a little further down at a layby.


Word had reached those waiting in Polenca that there had been an accident, a tense wait to hear further news. Sophie was taken to hospital where the doctors assessed her injuries – a fractured collar bone, a broken finger and a nasty gash to another knuckle. Everyone was extremely relieved when at around 8pm Sophie arrived back at the hotel and whilst uncomfortable, was able to eat a little dinner in the restaurant.


Sophie – everyone from the LVYCC training camp wishes you a very speedy recovery and hope you are back riding, running and swimming very soon.


As you may recall from the report a few days ago, Team Sky were staying 200m from our hotel. Somehow, Paul had managed to work his way into their ‘inner circle’ and reached agreement that a few of our riders could ride with Team Sky on their rest day, Friday. Much to Team Sky’s credit they made a fantastic end to the training camp for those that rode with them. Three riders from the Team – Ian Stannard, Viviani and Danny Van Poppel. As they were riding along there was time to chat, and at the 1919 Cafe in Pollenca time for photographs and autographs.

Thank you Team Sky.


The Juniors and some U16’s along with Anna, Carys and Daniel rode out to the lighthouse at Formentor, clear blue skies and fantastic views. Surely cycling does not get much better than this! Once back in Pollenca, the Juniors rode off again for a final through and off session. Then it was time for taking the bikes back to the hire shops, and those with their own bikes packed them in their bike boxes ready for the journey home.


This really has been a fantastic week, the youth riders clocked up many many miles and everyone had a great time. This was all made possible by a number of people – so a very big thank you to Bob and Julie – masterminding the trip, Bruce, Paul and Joe for coaching and supporting the riders throughout, Darryl from Ciclosol for looking after us, and all the adult helpers that supported the trip and the riders.


If you are thinking about taking part in the training camp next year, watch out for a meeting in October at club.


Finally, I will leave you with the Riders ‘Rider of the Week’ Simon Bird.