Mistley Cross

By | 22/10/2017

Great Turnout by Lee Valley Youth Riders this morning (22/10) at Mistley – Round 6 of the Eastern League Cyclocross :

Some results I managed to glean from the website :

Unders 10’s

3rd Ethan Leslie

21st Leo Bolton

Unders 12’s

10th Charlie Yardy

26th Abigail Biggs


2nd Harrison Powell

3rd Max Bolton

4th Alex Dale

10th Aidan Kerrigan

26th Samuel Leslie

27th Callum Biggs

30th Eleanor Bolton

31st Elli-Mae Pledger

39th Jack Charlton-Hunt

These are overall positions but Girls & Under 14s positions will be higher in their categories … and I apologise if I have missed some riders ! “