Mount Teide and the Masca Route

By | 23/02/2018


During a recent short family holiday to Tenerife, Lewis Kemp and his dad did a couple of big road rides – Mount Teide and The Masca Route with its 20% + gradient sections!

They  rode to the highest accessible point on Mount Teide volcano. This involved ascending from sea level to the top of the crater and then descending into the crater.  Finally they had to ascend to the cable car station – the climb was about 30 miles long at 6% gradient with 2800 meters ascent and is graded a HC!  They then descended back down to complete 68 miles. During the ride they were passed by some Team Sky riders and their team car and some Team Bahrain Merida riders.

Here is a link to Lewis’s Strava result:

Their second ride was a loop through the village of Masca which is located hidden in a deep valley between mountains.  The ascent out of Masca is 3 miles at 11% average gradient with sections up to 30% gradient – it was the steepest climb that Lewis has ever ridden!  The total ride was 55 miles with 1800 meters of ascent.
Here is a link to Lewis’s Strava result:
All in all, Lewis thinks Tenerife is a great place to ride – the weather is warm, the roads in the mountains are quiet and challenging with stunning views. They hired the bikes from Bikepoint.
Big thanks to Lewis for sharing this with us.  It sounds like it was a fantastic trip and certainly something that a lot of us would love to try.