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By | 23/04/2015

We are planning a lot of exciting Mountain Bike activities for the rest of the year. From racing to trips to other venues as well as race coaching and the normal Saturday club mornings


So you have seen the rather lovely Beastway Poster in the newsletter, but what you may be asking is the Beastway. Well over the spring and early summer we will be running with Hackney GT a Mountain Bike race series at Hog Hill called the Beastway. The races take place on Wednesday evenings for 8 weeks starting on May 20th. The Beastway is the longest running mountain bike series in England and is very much a grass roots affair. What is meant by this is that the race attracts a range of riders from expert to average and those just having a go. Its characterised by being friendly and something you don’t have to take too seriously. We would love our riders to try the excitement of MTB racing and have go. There is a category for everyone and this includes Mums and Dads.

Under 12

Following the success of last year we will be running a separate under 12 race before the main event. LVYCC will pay the race entry fee of club Members (first claim). One of our coaches will take the competitors around the course before the race giving tips on how to race the course.  The race takes place at 7.00pm with the coaching starting at 6.30 pm

Under 14 and 16

The race starts at 7.50 and you race the full course for around half an hour. You start the race after the main race has started and joint the race for the last half hour. Again if you are a member of LVYCC (first claim) the club will pay your entry fee.

Under 18 and mums and dads

The race starts at 7.30 and you race for about an hour, there is an entry class for just about everyone. Most people are not in it to be outright winners, but find themselves racing against cyclist of a similar ability.  You will find a number of LVYCC coaches racing so there will be some friendly faces around if you are new to the sport. If you can spare time during the afternoon before the race to help set up the course you will qualify for free entry to race. The café is open during the evening selling drinks cakes and sandwiches.

Course building

We are currently extending the trails at Hog hill to create even more exciting race course, each week the course changes for each race. We need help with this and will be meeting after club on 16th May, to hack down undergrowth and shape new trails. So if you could spare some time after club on16th May please come along. Tools provided, though you are welcome to bring your own. Wear stout boots/shoes and old cloths. There will be free tea and coffee


If you decides you would rather not race, we are always looking for volunteers to help with the race from signing on to scoring and marshalling the race. If you would like to help or have any queries then ask Bruce, Drew or Louise at club or any of the mountain bike coaching team.


But why is it called the Beastway, well it first took place at the old Eastway Cycle Circuit where the Olympic park is now. It was felt the race was a  bit of a Beast and this was combined with the circuit name of Eastway to create Beasway, the name has stuck.

Race training

Bruce and Calum are running off-road race training sessions each Saturday. We will be splitting the group into different age groups. So there will be race coaching available to all our riders.

Events for the summer

We are thinking having a few Saturdays away from the circuit, perhaps some rides in Epping Forest, Hadleigh mountain bike centre, or perhaps further afield. Even as far as Bedgebury Forest in Kent or Swinley Forest to the west of London. We are also contemplating a weekend away in the autumn half term perhaps back to Cannock

If you have any questions or would just like to talk about what we are doing feel free to talk to the MTB coaching team

Drew Jones