National Circuit Championships – Hog Hill – 6th of July 2014

By | 22/05/2014
National Circuit Championships – Hog Hill – 6th of July 2014.
 Cherie Pridham is our VIP. Cherie is the Director Sportive of the Raleigh team and you may see her on the tour series highlights
Hi All,
As you hopefully already know we are hosting the National Championship on Sunday the 6th of July. it is a huge honour for us to hold this prestigious race where we will be awarding the jerseys for the under 12 under 14 and under 16 riders. we have have already had a lot of entries and planning is well under way. The next part is to ask all of you to step up and help. We were highly praised for last years round of the championship organised by Terry and we would like to try and do even better. We know it clashes with a certain other event in Yorkshire but we are doing our best to theme our event and hope to have an atmosphere to rival that up north, hopefully with racing just as exciting!

There are roles for all and no offer of help will be refused. Even if you have never volunteered at a race before please do not let that put you off.

There are a huge number of jobs that need doing and below are listed some for which we do not yet have confirmed volunteers, if you see anything you fancy please put your name next to it and ping the email back, that is all that ids needed at present, we will give a full briefing and any training required nearer the time.
It will be a great opportunity to get a look at the event close up and all time required to look after your own childs race will of course be accommodated.
Many of the jobs would be suitable for youth members who are not racing and a good deal of the work was done by youth members at last years National Circuit Series race.

Volunteer Roles:
1- Information Point &Communications 6 People Providing information to riders and general public, liaising with providing a conduit to the Commentator/Announcer, Ensuring all volunteers are in position.
2- Gear Check 3 People Ensuring that all riders have the correct gearrestriction.
3- Whippers In 2 People Controlling the penning of the next race and checking number position and transponders
4- Whippers Out 2 PeopleCollecting the riders who’ve finished or retired and removing their transponders
5- Security & Car Parking Controlling the limited parking we have and directing competitors towards alternative parking
6- Marshals 20 PeopleEnsuring the safety of the competitors by controlling the crossing of the track and ensuring that all parts of the circuit are seen so incidents can be reported and appropriate action taken7-Judges 4-8 PeopleWriting a written record of the race as called by the Caller8- Runners 2 People Liaising with other officers and trouble shooting9- Transponder Helpers 4 PeopleWorking with Whippers In & Out to ensure all transponders are returned and made ready for the next event

10-Refreshments & Catering 4 People

Ensuring all the volunteers are fed and watered (probably the most important role of all)

If anyone can think of more jobs that are needed or have some special expertise that the club could use please contact me.