National Youth Circuit Championships 2014 – A “Thank You” Note

By | 08/07/2014

I just want to say a big thank you to the army of volunteers who made the event happen. Instead of saying “you know who you are” heres a proper list in no particular order:

Chris Higgins, Alan Warner, Alan Smith, Rosie Smith, George Nocaro, Lee Cullender, Alison Smith, Ivan Shepherd, Martin Scholar, Matt Dias, Enrique Nespeira, Alison Woods, Chris Higgins, Luke Prenelle, Mike Passfield, Paul Vann, Martin Elliott, Doug Billyard, Alan Torrie, Guy Selfe, Dan Carter, Louise Reynolds, Helen Dennis, Julie Griffiths, Josephine Perrett, Tony Madgwick, Bob Griffiths, Leigh Haigh, Gill Carter, Steve Green, Francesca Vann, Laura Carter, Janet Shepherd, Claire Haigh, Annabel Hobbs, Lisa Vann, William Warre, Ali Selfe, Colin Parish, Drew Jones, Jason Warre, Cliff Pace, Stephen Tarlton, Steve Powell, James Madgwick, Noah Smith, Kate Ambrose, Karen Madgwick, Carol Billyard, Suzanne Tarlton, Peter Bennett, Tom Bennett & Anthony Perrett.

And Justine Knight and Colin Taylor, inadvertently missing from the original list…

In addition a load of people just spontaneously helped on the day too, thank you all very much…

Bruce Mackie (Race Organiser)