New Development Squad Announced

By | 16/09/2015
The club is pleased to announce the development squad for 2015/2016
Ryan Green,  Matt Shepherd, Tim Torrie and Anna Carter have moved on to juniors Mily Knight has resigned from the squad but remains a member of the girls team. Georg Mew Jensen has moved onto VCL we wish him every success in the future and thank him and his Dad Steve for the time and effort they gave our club.
New members are Alex Dale, Luke Prenelle and Dexter Mansel Thomas have joined.
Ben and Ritchie Selfe, Marco Passfield, Simon Bird, Louis Billyard, Max Blake, Max Bolton Owen Williams, Harrison Powell,  Nesta Ferguson  and Christian Manzi are all retained from last year.
The squad is open to all club members who meet the following criteria
Selection for the Development Squad is at the discretion of the club and its coaches, but riders must meet the following
  • be a first year Under 14 or older, BC racing Licence holder who has some success at racing
  • aspire to race and be competitive at National Youth events on the road and show the potential to do so – based on results or performance in training sessions
  • be willing to work as part of a group with an agreed programme of training and racing including RSR
  • Attend sessions on Saturday and Tuesday on a regular basis
  • parents should take an active role within the club (please see Bob)