Non competitive riding cycling events

By | 30/04/2010

Non Competitive Cycling Events


These are cheap cycling events where you are given a directions sheet and have to complete the course within set time limits. The lower time limit can often mean only having to average 10km/h (about 6.5mph). Events generally cost around £4 or £5 per person and this often includes food at the finish. The events are usually on quiet country lanes and there is no minimum age limit

More details can be found at . You do not need to be a member of Audax UK to enter. If you are not a member of Audax UK, British Cycling (BC) or Cycling Touring Club (CTC) there is a compulsory £2 insurance premium to pay per event. (BC membership is free for your first year!).

Local Audax Events include

20th June       Stevenage     84km            speed 12-28km/h     start 10am     £4

27th June       Chelmsford    110km          speed 12 – 25km/h   start 10am     £5

4th July Benego, Herts 53km            speed 10 – 20 km/h  start 12:00    £3

4th July Benego, Herts 110km          speed 12 – 25 km/h  start 10:00    £4

28th Aug        Mildenhall       118km          speed 15 – 30 km/h  start 09:00    £5

31st Oct         Stevenage     101km          speed 12.5– 25km/h start10:00      £4

These events are non competitive and are great ways of getting a decent ride in with other cyclists.


These are  events that are organised to raise money for Charity. The most well known is the annual London to Brighton event involving 27,000 cyclists. This year’s event is sold out. It is organised by bike events who organise other rides including

London – Southend

London – Cambridge

Both are in July and cost around £18 per person to enter.

These events are marshalled and have mechanical support available for breakdowns etc. A number of club members usually ride the London – Southend event. It is around 58 miles in distance.  For some Bike Event rides there is a minimum age of 14 years old.

More details are available online at other events, including off road events are organised by the British Heart Foundation for more details

10th July BIKE RADAR LIVE – Brands Hatch – a 2 day festival of cycling including the opportunity to ride on the race track for details

All these events can be ridden on any bikes and are designed to be fun days not races. These events are not organised by LVYCC, but you will usually find club members at these events

If you want more details about any of these matters, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

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