Racing report 21/22 May

By | 23/05/2011

Saturday Club

At Saturday club our younger road riders continued their training in gear selection, cornering, bunch skills. They finished off with some time trialling and Devil Take the Hindmost (Devil) races..  Results table is now HERE.

ERYRS races Sunday

Three of our riders made the journey to Norwich. Our young riders Harrison Powell and George Pace came in 2nd and 3rd respectively in the U10 event. Then stayed for the Invitation race where they came 1st and 2nd. Francesca Morgans-Slader got a 3rd in the U16 girls race and also stayed on for the invitation race. Not many stayed for her race but she was up against the three finalists of the U16 boys There have been comments about the circuit being in a car park from those that weren’t there. Yes it was through a series of linked car parks but was a pretty technical course with tight corners and hills into a strong headwind.


RTTC Championship 10 – Men

News of our grown up former LVYCC members at the National RTTC Championships last weekend.

Joe Perrett got 3rd behind Bradley Wiggins (1st) and Andrew Griffiths got 5th. Well done guys. This from a field of 117 riders!

Oliver Rossi got a 3rd in the Junior. Well done Oliver.