Rider development and British Cycling Pathway

By | 21/05/2014

British Cycling have adjusted their performance pathway for all cycling disciplines.MAY 2014 LVYCC works alongside British Cycling to offer riders who meet the criteria, opportunities and support to develop in the pathway and nominates riders into these stages below. Some clusters and RSRs have certain entry criteria to be met before nomination. Riders who are interested in more information should approach the coaches to discuss this in more detail.Bob Griffiths may still have a few booklets with more pathway information.

We already have clusters (CCT) in place for Track, Road, Cyclocross and Mountain bike. We regularly nominate riders for the Regional schools of racing (RSRs.) in Track, Road, MTB, Cyclocross

The Performance Pathway will see riders progress through six stages:

Stage 1 – Club Clusters of Training (CCT)

Aimed at riders aged between 12 and 16 years, Club Clusters of Training aim to provide riders with an environment that is otherwise difficult to create in isolation. The clusters will be run by club coaches and supported by British Cycling’s regional performance pathway coaches and Go-Ride coaches.

Stage 2 – Regional Schools of Racing (RSR)

The Regional Schools of Racing have historically been a part of British Cycling’s performance pathway and have proven successful in developing young riders’ skills both on and off the bike in a competitive environment.

Riders who perform well and show promise at their club and regional level can be nominated by their coach to attend a Regional School of Racing, and they are typically aged 14-16 years.

Stage 3 – Olympic Development Apprentices (‘Apprentices’)

This stage of the pathway is where British Cycling begins to invest more in talented cyclists aged 14-15 years within each region. Apprentices receive coaching support from a regional performance pathway coach, regular group training sessions, access to world class facilities, advice on managing workload and other benefits which aim to help prepare the rider for the transition into the junior ranks.

Stage 4 – Olympic Development Programme (ODP)

The focus here is for riders, typically aged 15-17 years, to develop their skills strategies and fitness to cope with the demands of racing. Recruitment onto the ODP is selective, and progress is continuously monitored.

ODP riders receive discipline specific coaching from Great Britain Cycling Team coaches, individual training programmes, a structured race programme, and support and education from GBCT’s performance support team.

Stage 5 – Olympic Academy Programme (‘the Academy’)

The Academy is a full-time residential programme based primarily at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester and includes riders from all Olympic disciplines. The aim is to provide a tough and demanding environment so riders understand the requirements, expectations and principles of what it is to be a world and Olympic champion.

Only a small number of riders are selected each year, and membership will generally last two to three years however progress on and off the bike is constantly monitored and reviewed. The Academy Programme is considered as the ‘finishing school’ of the performance pathway and those successful will graduate onto the prestigious Olympic Podium Programme.

Stage 6 – Olympic Podium Programme

The final step of the performance pathway, the Olympic Podium Programme is dedicated to supporting highly skilled elite cyclists as they aim to win medals in major competitions, such as European, world and Olympic championships.

Full information on the new performance pathway structure can be found here http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/performancepathway

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