RSRs & NSRs an explanation

By | 03/05/2011

An increasing number of our riders are being invited to these events. So, what are they?

NSR stands for National School of Racing and RSR stands for Regional School of Racing. These events cover many of the different cycling disciplines: MTB, Track and Road for example. They are run by British Cycling and are generally for riders in the 14 yr – 16 yr age range. Not only are these good for giving information and training techniques to our budding racers but our coaches are invited to attend to observe coaching techniques and take part as well.

If you want to see and hear what goes on, British Cycling have a 7 minute video of the NSR at Mallory Park in Feb 2011 where 5 of our riders attended. Click this LINK to watch it. Don’t forget to turn your speakers on! I thought that it is an excellent video, not least because there are a number of brief shots of LVYCC riders and kit but also of Bruce, one of our coaches as well!

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