Saturday 22nd May

By | 19/05/2010

For once a normal club morning with road and off-road riding. Tony Madgwick has put together a proposed plan of sessions for the road riders. Details below:

Two road sessions where Session 1 is based on small circuits within sections of track and Session 2 is based on longer endurance riding and sprints on top or bottom circuit (advanced and ?intermediates) or short games/races/time trials (Intermediates/Beginners) on free circuit

Session 1 (1 hour) group/bunch riding skills for racing – moving through the bunch (based on RSR session demonstrated at Hog Hill) break (trackside) Session 2 Bottom or top circuit group riding with primes (effectively interval training)

Session 1 (1 hour) cornering skills; race starting and clipping-in break (trackside) Session 2 Join in with Advanced (separate group) or Beginners

Session 1: Re: skills, I m not sure where we re at with these…we may also have one or two newcomers from the After School Cycling Club break – club house?
Session 2: Short games/races

We will have a number of other riding opportunities, including some cyclocross training.

Just to add to the excitement on the day, we will also have a visit from Rob Sharman (Regional Talent Development Coach Eastern & East Midlands Regions) who is coming along to see what we do and will, in a short meeting, explain the purpose of the Regional Schools of Racing (RSRs). He is definitely worth listening to.