Are you prepared for summer riding?

By | 28/06/2010

Forecasts can change ( as we know only too well here in the UK) however Saturdays forecast if for sunny intervals and a temperature of 28 degrees!

In hot weather children dehydrate and use energy quickly. Please don’t forget drinks, snacks and suncream this weekend, or any time children are cycling.

Children quickly become dehydrated so please make sure that they drink little and often  before coming to Hog Hill. Ensure that they have adequate drink for the first session and that you top up their water bottles for the second session.  Please make sure that suncream has been applied beforehand and is also re-applied at the break between sessions. We have been given the following guidance:

“1. Ensure children have appropriate sunscreen on BEFORE they start the session.
2. If appropriate, sunscreen is re applied @ break time.
3. Children have fluids to drink with them during the sessions.

The risk of melanoma (skin cancer) caused by exposure to the sun is highest in young children & may not show up for years to come.

If you wait until break time before your child has access to a drink, they may already be dehydrated

Cream up, drink up and eat up!!!