Volunteer helpers – we need you!!!

By | 04/03/2010

Special appeal – we need more volunteers to help run our bike hire and other aspects of the club. We also need extra help on LVYCC race days.

Contact me (Terry Morgans-Slader 07905215349 or terry@lvycc.co.uk) if you can help.

Other contacts:

Bob Griffiths – Club Secretary:  t: 01708 550738 Email: robertgriffiths42@btinternet.com

Peter Bennett,  welfare officer /child protection officer:

Tel: 07738262926 Email: spen666@hotmail.com

The more people we have helping the less often everyone needs to do it!

Please remember that the club is run completely by volunteers.

We are lucky to have new members joining but they are often just replacing those who leave once they get to our youth upper age limit.