SIS comes to lee valley youth

By | 22/06/2012

You may recall that Mark from SIS came to Hog Hill to give us a talk on sports  foods and the benefits of using using supplements when exercising.

Well we have secured a deal to get discounted products from SIS. Bob and I have placed an order of sample products. These will be for sale shortly.

To keep things simple we are going to round up the prices to members the very small amount made will go directly into the club.

For very obvious reasons we cannot supply split boxes of items but there is nothing wrong in splitting your purchase between other members or friends so that you get a mix of flavours.

I have produced a price list / order form which I will send to you on request

The  list below gives you a range of prices.

GO tubs of powder from £15.00 for 1.6 kg

Gels a box of 30 from £24.00

I am able to get all of the SIS  products inc  bottles, boxes of sachets powders and more specialist supplements which are listed on he SIS website.

Depending on demand I will either make an order bi weekly or monthly.

I have produced an order form in excel which I will send to you please fill in your name and email address at he top of the form. Change the title of the file to your name.

If you send me your order I will then order this for you directly with SIS. Once I have the delivery I email you, this will then be brought to the club for collection and payment cash only.

I will have some leaflets with more detail on Saturday.

Steve Powell