The Bob Griffiths Trophy 2017 – Could You Win It??

By | 25/02/2017

Calling all the younger club members – U8s, U10s and U12s: The unique Bob Griffiths Trophy is up for grabs again this year. See the photos below with winner’s names dated back to 2003. 

It will be awarded to the club member who scores the highest number of points in the LVYCC races between February and July. The first 10 finishers in each age category in each race will be awarded points – 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10th, we will keep a score and award the trophy after the final race of the season.So go for it! Get racing! You can only win points if you take part. For U12s who take part in both mtb and road races at the same event we will count your highest place for the purpose of the competition, so if you finished 6th in the mtb race and 9th in the road race we will award you 5 points for 6th place. 

Members from other clubs are not eligible for the trophy so we won’t count them when calculating, so if you finish 16th overall but 5th LVYCC rider you will get 6 points for 5th place.
(Appeal to parents – we are excluding the race results from January 17th as unfortunately they have been mislaid – if anyone has a photo of the displayed results and could email Sarah so we can include them too.)