The New Cross Season is Here! Results Round Up

By | 12/09/2017

There were lots of LVYCC faces to be seen at Springfield Hall Park in Chelmsford this Sunday – racing at the first meet of the season of the Eastern Cross League. There were several new racers and many who were racing in new age groups.

As I packed the stuff the night before I was remembering the darker side of last season – getting up in the dark and travelling towards the dawn, packing an enormous amount of stuff, broken bits of bike, stressful pit duty …. I was not looking forward to the following day particularly. However, Sunday made me remember the good bits of cyclocross – familiar friendly faces, thoroughly engaged racers and post race euphoria. It was great to see so many new racers and I hope to see them again.

Respect to all of them for their performances. Cyclocross is very hard work, you need to be fit and able to push yourself hard through the whole race duration, as well as having good bike skills. I tried it once last season and finished last, exhausted but slightly exhilarated. Never doing it again though! It’s not all about podiums – it’s about finding those who are close in level to you and racing hard against them. The rivalry can then continue through the season and you will definitely be fitter and stronger by the end. (Unless you break something but let’s not go there.)

The photos show Billy and Cedric after their race, Mike starting his first cx race and Charlie and Carys awaiting the start. There were plenty of nerves to begin with but lots of smiles afterwards.

This is a results round up – apologies if I’ve missed anyone.


Leo Bolton 1st overall

Cedric Tomlinson 3rd Boy


Anna Lloyd 1st overall

Ethan Leslie 1st Boy, 2nd overall

Billy Tomlinson 4th Boy

Oliver Beale 5th Boy

Isabel Beale 2nd Girl


Carys Lloyd 5th overall and 2nd Girl

Charlie Yardy 17th Boy

Michael Marriot 21st Boy

William Barlow 24th Boy


Daniel Lloyd 11th Boy

Alfie Salmon 14th Boy

Samuel Leslie 17th Boy

Eleanor Bolton 2nd Girl

Thulani Mlambo 21st Boy

Jack Charlton Hunt 24th Boy

Nathaniel Marsh 25th Boy

Fred Barlow 31st Boy


Harrison Powell 5th Boy

Alex Dale 6th Boy

Max Bolton 10th Boy

Aidan Kerrigan 11th Boy

Ellie Mae Pledger 5th Girl