Thievery at Hog Hill

By | 30/04/2012

The following warning received from Luke Stone:

Could you please just let everyone know that extra vigilance is required at hog hill even in the car park. Following today’s session (28 April) I returned to my van only to find that it had been broken into.

Fortunately I had nothing in the back for them to steal but they have broken the lock and damaged the back door. They know exactly what they are doing as although the lock is now broken one quick lever to it and they have removed it.

I have checked with the staff and the cctv unfortunately is as much use as a chocolate teapot as it was aiming at the 2 cars parked at the top of the car park.

Ian Winfield also sends us the following warning this week:

My son Jimmy has just discovered professional bike thieves are using Strava, Garmin and similar to track the home address of users.

Once they discover the users address, they then break into sheds and garages to steal the bikes.

Jimmys advice is to not list your bike on any site and then to create an exclusion zone of 1 mile around your house, where Strava etc will not record the start and finish your ride.