By | 22/03/2010

Turbo training

Turbo training  restarts this autumn 2013 on October 7th. It is on Monday evenings again. The charge are held the same this year will again be £4 per session for adults but still £3 for youths, but if you want to borrow a club turbo then it will be an extra £2 (£5 total) Session times 6.45pm – 7.45pm. This is now one of the cheapest turbo sessions around!! If you are over 12 you will be able to use our Watt Bikes.

Stephen Griffiths has provided his training plans for ten of his sessions. together with a training zones plan.

HERE for training zones.
Complete set of ten sessions: Turbo sessions 2011_12

This is what one of our training sessions looks like ( Thanks to John Jeffery for video)

There are now a lot of session plans that can be downloaded for you to use at home. It is important that you are reasonably fit before starting these sessions. If you are unsure, then check with your doctor before commencing any sessions on your own. Children should ideally be supervised by an adult, or make sure that there is an adult in the house whilst training is under way.

The first 5 plans are from sessions actually run at our training sessions. The others are more specific and also give training hints and information:

LVYCC turbo session 1

LVYCC turbo session 2

LVYCC turbo session 3

LVYCC turbo session 4

LVYCC turbo session 5


VO2 turbo sessions

Endurance and sprint sessions