Your first visit

Please note we operate a waiting list to join our club, the reason for this is simply coach to rider ratios. Please add your details to our waiting list. Once we have space you will be invited to an induction all new members will need to do this prior to joining.

On your first visit make sure you arrive in good time for a ten o’clock start – plan to get to the circuit by 09.30 and be ready to ride by ten to ten. You will find the car park at the bottom of a hill. Walk up the hill and you will catch your first glimpse of the track. This is the upper loop, which is an oval with a short Alpine hill section. As you walk up the hill the clubhouse will come into view on your left. The first set of doors you come to are to the LVYCC store where our bikes are kept. Walk past the bike store and go in through the main entrance to the centre.

(If you walk to the end of the clubhouse you will see the extent of the circuit and the reason it is called Hog Hill!)

In the reception hall you will be greeted by some friendly faces behind the LVYCC desk. You will be asked to fill in a form, sign in and pay a small fee to join in with the club’s activities. Children do NOT need to be members of LVYCC to join in with our activities. We are open to all. You will also be given a welcome pack telling you about the club and what to expect. If you join the club your weekly fees will be even smaller.

If you need to hire a bike – we have high quality road and mountain bikes for hire for kids aged six to sixteen – you will be asked to pay a hire charge of £5 and leave a £10 deposit.

Once you have your bike sorted – you will get help to adjust it to fit – look around for our coaches, who will either be wearing the splendid green, blue and white of the club colours, or British Cycling tops

People who want to ride off-road will join the mountain bike group, which will spend the session on the mountain bike track, or sometimes visit Hainault forest, which is just on the doorstep.

The road bikers will be on the circuit, which includes a pretty steep hill and some fast corners, so beware if it’s your first time.

If you want to emulate Sir Chris Hoy and cycle in a velodrome, then we have started a track training programme though this will often conducted elsewhere where there is a suitable track to ride.

The Saturday morning sessions last two hours, with a short break for a drink and a bite to eat in the cafe – feel free to bring your own grub or buy a sandwich, soup, cake or chocolates from the clubhouse.

The session finishes at 12.00. Return your hire bike and collect your £10 deposit. In winter or in rainy conditions you will be expected to wash the bike with our V8-engined jet washer.

Once the bikes have been returned, why not have a cup of tea and a chat about how much fun you have had.

Some days there are organised races at the circuit, which means we cannot run our usual road bike sessions. When this happens our club members tend to join in the races, and in any case, we still have mountain bike sessions even if there is a race on the road circuit.

Parents and guardians are expected to stay at the track during the entire two-hour session. Why not bring a paper and have a cup of tea in the clubhouse, watch what the kids are getting up to, or better still, get on a bike and join in?

Remember, no one is allowed on the track without a helmet.