LVYCC riders at Lee Valley Velodrome (Dec 2018)

Riding a velodrome (Track Riding)

A velodrome is an oval closed circuit track which is usually is banked. These can be indoor or outdoor.  Indoor tracks are usually 250 metres long. Outdoor tracks tend to be longer, up to 500 metres.

A fixed wheel bike with no brakes or gears is used for track riding . This means riders need different skills to ride and stop safely on the track, as the speed of the bike is controlled only by the pedals.

LVYCC track sessions

We have regular sessions at the Lee Valley Velodrome; these are on a Wednesday evening from 6pm to 8pm. The sessions are open to all LVYCC riders aged 10 and above, but numbers are limited and there is a priority system in place if the sessions are oversubscribed.

These sessions are coached by Kate, Andy and Tim. They are designed for novice rider’s right through to accredited racing riders.  You get to try every track racing event and work hard on perfecting the riders track craft.

We are encouraging new riders to attend our own Track sessions at the Lee Valley Velodrome. Please register with Guy Selfe ( ) and get yourself along.

You will need the following:

  • A Track Bike – You can hire a track bike from the Lee Valley Velodrome for the sessions but you need to be 145cm tall. Cost £8.
    We have a small number of track bikes for hire at the club. Speak to Guy about hiring them.
  • You need to have Look Keo cleats on your cycling shoes. You can hire shoes with Look cleats for £6 from the Lee Valley Velodrome.
  • Track mitts must be worn.
  • Helmet.
  • Club kit. You must also wear a undervest as this helps to prevent friction injuries if a rider comes of the bike.

LVYCC track riders (Dec 2018)


How old do I have to be to ride the velodrome?

To access most public sessions at Lee Valley velodrome you have to be 12yr+. However, riders aged 10yrs+ can complete various stages in private club sessions or at specific after-school sessions. Also riders have to be big enough to fit any available track bike and there are minimum heights. Check each venue and BC for further information.

The club keeps asking me about accreditation, why do i need it?

All track sessions have rider limits and it is based on accredited riders. The more riders who get accreditation the more we can fit into the groups. Also, riders can only access some open coaching sessions if accredited, and they must be accredited to take part in any races.

What is Track Accreditation?

This is a process of training and assessment for all track riders. This allows you to race on a velodrome and to participate in certain coaching and public sessions on the track. It is different for outdoor and indoor venues.

Indoor velodromes – In order to access general training sessions, and to race track leagues, riders must hold valid indoor accreditation. Attainment is through 4 assessment stages. All 4 stages must be completed at the same velodrome. Once completed your accreditation will be recognised at all other indoor velodromes in the UK except Calshot. If you hold a British Cycling racing licence your track accreditation will be recorded on it it when you renew your membership. If you need this sooner you will need to request a new card from BC Membership services. For the Lee Valley Velopark (LVVP) you need to have membership of LVVP as well as BC membership.

Outdoor velodromes such as Herne Hill & Welwyn may require you to attain their accreditation in order to participate in their sessions. Check each venue’s requirements. Welwyn track league requires all riders, even indoor-accredited riders, to attend a training session to be assessed before signing up for track league.

Where are the local velodromes?

LVVP Lee Valley Velopark

Welwyn This velodrome is managed by the Gosling park organisation but coaching and events are managed by Welwyn Wheelers

Herne Hill

How can I get accreditation?

It is quicker to gain accreditation through after school and club cluster sessions, which are tailored to youth riders, and run by BC and club coaches. There are also general public sessions run by the Velopark coaches, which may have adult riders in.

The After School Track Club runs 17.00- 18.00 which is booked through the Velopark and run By BC coaches

The Sunday club cluster sessions for novice and intermediate riders, can be booked through British Cycling.

Open accreditation for any rider run by the Velopark coaches.
Lee Valley Velodrome

What is the best way to improve my track riding and racing?

If you are starting to ride the track, get as much experience as you can on outdoor tracks as the surface tends to be easier to ride with more grip and the banking is less severe. The outdoor sessions are cheaper and longer so new riders have more time to become confident in a bunch situation.

Attend the Wednesday evening LVYCC sessions at LVVP throughout the year.

Keep checking the Eastern and South Eastern Facebook pages for holiday club sessions. There will always be holiday club sessions throughout half-terms and longer school holidays at Herne Hill and some at Lee Valley Velodrome.

The coaching for racing follows the British Cycling guidance. More information about how the club fits into this can be found here on the BC website.

The talent development handbook is designed for youth A and B riders to refer to.  It has the various benchmarks that riders should be working towards to move through the talent pathway.  Look at track pages.

British Cycling Cluster Sessions for novice and intermediate riders

There are 2 ability groups who will work on general track drills and techniques, as well as introducing novice riders to the track Open only to Youth A, B, C and Junior riders Go-Ride Clubs.  Riders must be aged 10-18.  These sessions also count towards rider’s track accreditation.[]=35

British Cycling Development Centre sessions for Youth A and B and Junior.

They are designed to develop track skills and racing craft and to test the skills that are part of the regional school of racing format. A 5 week rotating programme, providing high quality track time for riders to prepare for and practice skills learnt at RSR. Riders who attend and aspire to RSR level can attend. Riders must have track experience and be at least partially accredited.

These are 2019 – 2020 dates from British Cycling website

Cluster dates Intermediate and Novice riders Youth ABC








Development centre dates Youth ABC and Juniors











I want to race, what do I need?

You need your own track bike or a loan bike from LVYCC. You will be responsible for maintenance and any repair, tyres etc, and for getting the correct gearing for youth racing. Sometimes at outdoor velodromes (e.g. Welwyn and Herne Hill) hire bikes can be used for track league on site. Check each venue.

When can I start racing?

You need to be at least 10 yrs and have track accreditation on your BC race licence and sometimes extra accreditation for certain track leagues, including Welwyn, Herne Hill.

Why do I need extra accreditation for some events?

Some venues allow youth and adults to train and race together, and this is why an extra assessment for safe skills may be necessary.

Where are the local track league races ?

Outdoor Local track leagues

Outdoor tracks at Herne Hill and Welwyn run track leagues every week from around April until September.
Herne Hill also has Open Omniums every month during spring and summer which usually include youth racing. Omnium are events with a series of races.
Track league is a good way to practice and learn from racing. Some track league events will earn BC points and overall scores for podium places will gain BC points.

Indoor track leagues
Lee Valley hosts the excellent London Youth Track league. This is really popular and one of the best leagues for youth racing in the country. It is run from around October to March each year.

Why are the age groups mixed up in track league?

This is to help with ability mix and to ensure that track racing opportunities are available.

Are there national events ?

There is a National Youth Omnium series for youth A and B riders (Under 14 and under 16) with some support races for younger riders. For 2019 there are new rules see below.

The top 4 riders from each regional group get to the national final. Riders can only enter one regional group to compete for a place in the final event in July.

There is also an open National Track Championship every year for Youth A and B riders and Juniors at the end of the summer.

What equipment do I need? and where do i get it from ?

Tips -You can pick up second-hand track bikes, and as they are simple machines and they get very little wear and tear, there is little advantage in buying new.
If you are getting your own bike and are still learning to ride and race don’t be tempted by fancy handlebars and expensive wheels. Go for a good frame and then upgrade the bars and wheels once the rider is skilled and confident racing in a bunch. Clincher tyres rather than tubulars are better to begin with at least, so that you can easily change an inner tube if you get a puncture.

Do I need different tyres for outdoor and indoor riding?

There are rules about what tyres can be used (for adequate grip and safety) on indoor tracks. so make sure you are aware of these.
If you use your wheels on outdoor tracks make sure they are cleaned before riding indoors.
This site has helpful info.

Any questions

If you have any questions about track riding or racing ask one of the following:

Club Track Coaches

  • Andy White
  • Kate Ambrose
  • Tim Charlton-Hunt

Club Track Co-ordinator

  • Charles Gilbank

Alternatively email